About Whizzelectric.Com

Whizz Electric offers lighting solutions and services to customers from around the globe. It fulfils the desires of its customers by providing them with the right fit LED products which beautifies their space both internally and externally. Whizz Electric is recognized for its uncompromising quality and value for money by most Customers. Its deep understanding of how lighting positively affects people enables them to deliver innovations that unlock new business value to their customers.

With a wide range of led lighting products which includes LED Bulbs, LED Street Lights, Flood Lights, Down Lights, Smart Lights and much more, the company proudly supplies these modern technologies in the industry at a very affordable price.

Our aspirations are no way any less than other major lighting brands in the industry where we strive to become a leading brand in the lighting sector through innovation, exceptional products, quality assurance and providing satisfaction to our Customers.

We believe that customers are our utmost priority so in order to
cater them we give them the following

Best Value for Money

We offer best prices on our all products. We want our customers to get most out of each penny they pay

Qualified & Satisfied Staff

From Mangers to Technicians our staff is well-trained and professional to provide highest level of quality services to our customers.

Best After-Sales Service

We are well-known for our courteous and timely after sales service. We always keep quick customer's complaint resolution in our top priorities.

Best Quality and Variety

Our large variety of products and services can fulfil requirements of our customers. Our skilled team remains ready to suit our customer's unconventional needs through customization in products and services.


How much can a shift to Whizz Electric’s energy-efficient lighting actually save you? Lighting savings projections are never brought to light in a justified manner while there is no outright modus operandi and the figures are merely assumptions often cloaked in mystery. We bring to you our calculator below to get realistic, reliable savings projections from performing a retrofit.


Enjoy more brightness at less watts with Whizz LED Bulbs

What is your electricity rate? (PKR/kWh)

How many bulbs are you replacing?

How many hours per day the bulbs are on?

Total Annual Savings

PKR 68,190

Total Annual Savings

PKR 19,792

Annual Savings from LED's
longer lifespan (Material Savings)

PKR 2,639

Savings in percentage

PKR 68,190


Pak China Lighting (PCL) is a premier e-commerce and distribution company with long standing expertise in providing exceptional quality LED lighting products from China.

The company proves to be the first such collaboration between Pakistan and China where specialty products from diverse industries will be introduced in countries to bringemployment, foreign exchange and most imp ortantly enhance friendly ties after introduction of CPEC. Under PCL, different and unique LED products from China will be imported to Pakistan under its seal manifesting quality and value.

Help your customers get the right LED lighting. Join our distribution team and together we can bring people a better alternative to LED lighting.There are lots of reasons for you to join us, but the first says it all. We offer the very best and the most competitive rates to distributors.

We are there to help you with your success all the way.Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a distributor.We’ll follow-up and help you through your application process.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a distributor